Reading Exercises Worksheet 9



Audio Story Read by: Carl Xue



Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 9:

I jumped out of the pan. I went into a can.
I was covered with sugar. It made me sweeter.
Would you like some more? “Yes, please more!”

Who will help me water the flower?
“I will,” said the bird.
Who will help me water the grass?”
“I will,” said the mouse.

Mommy, where are you? I will be home soon.

Do you like to go shopping? Yes, I do.
Do you like to go swimming? Yes, I do.

You must be kidding.

Some ice cream and some chocolate.
They are in the blender.
Now, I mix them together.
Soon, you will have a shake that I made for you.
Do you like the shake? Oh! Yes, I do.



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