Reading Exercises Worksheet 8




Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 8:

Look at the cat. Bubbles are on the cat.
Look at the fish. Bubbles are on the fish.

Under the table there is a dog.
Under the dog there is a lid.
Under the lid there is a bee.
Under the bee there is a honey jar.

There is a cat. It has a hat. A hat is on the cat.
There is a rat. It’s under a mat. A rat is under the mat.
The cat meets the rat.
The cat pats that rat under the mat.

I jump up of the pot. I don’t feel well.
I jump out of the pan. I don’t feel well, either.

I went into a dark room. There was a mouse.
I went into a dark cave. There was a bear.

Can I play with you? Yes, please.



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