Reading Exercises Worksheet 10




Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 10:

Who has a long tail? An owl? An ant?
A monkey has a long tail.
Who has no legs? An alligator? An elephant?
A fish has no legs.
A lot of pizza for you. A lot of cake for me.
A lot of fish for the cat and the dog.
I had a lot of fun. You had o lot of fun.
They had a lot of fun, too.

The ball is round. The hoop is round.
The Earth is round, too.
My face is round. My mouth is round.
My tummy is round, too.

A cat has a long tail. An elephant has a long trunk.
A cat has a round face. An elephant has round ears.
A lot of fish for the cat.
A lot of grass for the elephant.
They all had a lot of fun with food.



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