Reading Exercises Worksheet 3




Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 3:

I have two pencils. I have two robots.
I have three cars. I have three erasers.

I will help the ant. I will help the cat.
I will help the bird. I will help the mouse.

One, two, three, 1, 2, 3.
These are the numbers you can see.
Help me find the number after three.
One, two, three and four. Four, f, o, u, r.

Come down, elephant! Come down, little cat!
Come down, zebra! Come down, hippo!

I run up the hill. I run up the tree.
I run up the ladder. I run up the stairs.

My mom will make a pie for me.
My dad will make a car for me.
My grandma will make a cake for me.
My sister will make a pizza for me.



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