Reading Exercises Worksheet 4




Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 4:

I can come down. I can run up.
“Bark, bark,” Make me run up.
“Bark, bark,” Make me run down.

I look in my box. I look in my bag.
I look in my shoe. I look in my hat.

Where are you? Little mouse. I am here.
Where are you? Little kitten. I am here.

We like it! We like it! We like it! We all like it!

“Not me,” said the bird. “Not me,” said the cow.
“Not me,” said the dog. “Not me,” said the mouse.

A box, a fox. We look in the box.
We see a fox. Where is the fox?
Here it is, in the box.

l like my teacher. l like my home.
l like my dad. l like my food.



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