Reading Exercises Worksheet 1




Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 1:

I eat a banana. I eat a cake.
I eat a pear. I eat a hamburger.

I can see. I can jump.

I can find my shoes. I can find my pencil.
I can find my crayon. I can find my books.

Jump, jump, jump, I can reach so high.
See, see, see, I can find blue sky.
Draw, draw, draw, I can make a line.

My friend and I play. My puppet and I play.
My cat and I play. My dog and I play.

My dinosaur and I go to school.
My pocket monster and I go to school.
My puppet and I go to school.
My robot and I go to school.

Go away, big bad wolf! Go away, big bad fox!
Go away, big bad pig! Go away, big bad witch!



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