Gus the Good Worker – Reading Exercise 5


Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 5:

Audio Story Read by: Henry Qian


Read the story “Gus the Good Worker” before answering Numbers 1 through 10.

Dad and Seth were visiting Grandpa. Grandpa was in the hospital because he got sick. Now he was better. Seth felt nervous to see Grandpa sick.

“Here is Grandpa’s room,” said Dad. Seth saw Grandpa in a bed. Seth looked down the hall. What was that? Was it a dog?

“Come in!” said Grandpa. Seth went in. Dad put him on the bed. Grandpa wore a hospital gown. The gown looked like a long shirt. Grandpa did not look sick. Seth was glad. He gave Grandpa a card. It was a “get well” card. Seth had made the card.

“Is this a dog hospital, too?” asked Seth.

Grandpa laughed. “No! Did you see a dog?”

“I think I did!” said Seth.

“I think you did, too,” said Grandpa. “I think you saw Gus.”

“Who is Gus?” asked Seth.

Grandpa said that Gus was a dog. Gus visited sick people. He came with his owner. Gus helped people feel better. They could pet Gus. They could shake his paw.

A man came in. Then a dog came in. The man said hello. The dog licked Seth’s face!

“This is Gus. I am Ari,” the man said. Gus wore a collar around his neck. A tag was on the collar. Seth asked what it was. “The tag shows Gus works here,” said Ari. He said Gus was a good worker. Gus let people pet him. He was trained to sit still. He did not bark. But he did lick people!

Seth gave Gus a gentle hug so he would not hurt him.

Gus rolled onto his back. He held his paws up. Ari gave Seth a brush. Seth brushed the dog’s belly. Gus licked his hand.

Then Gus and Ari had to go. Seth wished Gus were his pet. But he was glad Gus had a job. He was glad Gus helped people.





Now answer Numbers 1 through 10. Base your answers on “Gus the Good Worker.”

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    1. What do you think Seth wrote in the card he made for Grandpa?

    2. A hospital is a place where people go

    3. What does Seth see in the hall?

    4. Seth felt nervous to see Grandpa sick. In the sentence, nervous means?

    5. Seth asks, “Is this a dog hospital, too?” Seth wants to know if

    6. Grandpa wore a hospital gown. The gown looked like a long shirt. What does gown mean in the sentences?

    7. Seth gave Gus a gentle hug so he would not hurt him. What does gentle mean in the sentence?

    8. Which word BEST tells how Seth looks?

    9. How do you know that Seth likes Gus?

    10. What is the root word of trained?

    Comprehension 1, 3, 5, 8, 9
    Vocabulary 2, 4, 6, 7, 10
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