Rice for Everyone – Reading Exercise 4


Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 4:

Audio Story Read by: Henry Qian


Read the story “Rice for Everyone” before answering Numbers 11 through 20.

Pam looked in her lunch box.

“What do you have?” asked Angel.

“I have a sandwich,” Pam said.

“I have rice,” Angel said.

“We do, too,” said Kim and Paul.

They all had rice. Kim’s rice was brown. Angel had rice and beans. Paul’s rice was yellow. Pam wanted rice, too.

Pam went home. She talked to her mother.

“Can we make rice?” Pam asked.

“We can make fried rice,” Mom said. “It has eggs and other things.”

Mom got a pot. She put water in it. She let Pam put in the rice.

“Can I taste it?” Pam asked.

“No,” said Mom. “It is not ready. It has to cook.”

While Pam waited, she set the table. Soon the rice was done.

“Is this fried rice?” asked Pam.

“Not yet,” said Mom.

Mom showed Pam peas, peppers, and nuts. They put them in a bowl. Mom gave Pam a spoon. Pam stirred the mixture.

“Now we will make fried rice,” Mom said. Mom heated a pan. She put in the rice. Mom put in eggs. She added what Pam had mixed.

The fried rice was done. Pam got a plate. She took some fried rice. She ate a spoonful. Pam smiled.

“I like fried rice!” Pam said. “It is tasty.”

Pam was very excited the next day. She could not wait for lunch. She opened her lunch box.

“What do you have?” asked Angel.

“I have fried rice,” said Pam.

“Now we all have rice!” said Kim.



Now answer Numbers 11 through 20. Base your answers on “Rice for Everyone.”

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    11. Why does Pam ask her mom to make rice?

    12. What is the root word of mixed?

    13. Why does Pam smile after she eats some rice?

    14. While the rice cooks, Pam

    15. What is the root word of heated ?

    16. If stir means “move around with a spoon,” then stirred means

    17. How does Pam change in the story?

    18. What is the root word of the word showed ?

    19. Which is the root word of the word excited ?

    20. How is Pam the SAME as the other children at the end of the story?

    Comprehension 11, 13, 14, 17, 20
    Vocabulary 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19
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