138 Page 55 English Textbook Level One


                English Textbook Level One – Page 55 – B:

                                Where I Live – Supermarket – Shopping (Pictures Only)


Activity: Shopping List Worksheet (Just some of the items are listed below)


apples bananas cucumbers garlic
oranges tomatoes potatoes ginger
mangoes lemons onions pumpkins
strawberries kiwis carrot parsley
grapes peaches egg plants radishes
watermelons lychees corns peppers
papayas pineapple celery cauliflower


milk eggs yogurt  
cream cheese cheese butter  


bread cookies cake hot dog rolls
hamburger buns cupcakes    


beef chicken pork fish


ice cream fries pizza strawberries
pies vegetables fish shrimp


coke pepsi sprite water
tea coffee ice tea 7-Up
chips candies jelly muffins



                Create A Shopping List – Worksheet

  1. Students must make a shopping list.


                Items for Students to Buy – Invoice

                                From the shopping list the students made they need to do the follow:

  1. Students may not write in Chinese only ENGLISH!
  2. Parents may NOT help the students as they are to do this on their own.
  3. Students must buy 12 items at the SUPERMARKET.
  4. Students must attach the receipt for what you have bought.

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