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                Flag of the day: Page 18 – South Carolina



Word of the Day Level II: Letter Rr – R, r – [ahr] – /ɑr/ – Noun, plural R’s or Rs, r’s or rs.

The eighteenth (18th) letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.


Activity: Ask the students who can give five (5) words that begin with letter Rr very quickly.

Note: Letter Rr is the 18th, letter of the alphabet; it comes before letter Ss, and after Letter Qq.


Activity: (Homework)

                Create A Shopping List – Worksheet

Items for Students to Buy – Invoice


Explain:                1st we must make a shopping list, and then go to the supermarket.         

                                2nd we must buy the items on our shopping list.


Discussion: Ask the students what they BOUGHT at the supermarket.



                English Textbook Level One – Page 56:

  • Where I Live Grandfather’s House (Textbook Only)


Note: Ask the students what they can see on page 56, and discuss in complete sentences.


Focus Word(s): Tortoise, Coconut, Asked


Explain The Following:


Turtle: Spends most of its life in the water. Turtles tend to have webbed feet for swimming. Sea turtles (Cheloniidae family) are especially adapted for an aquatic life, with long feet that form flippers and a streamlined body shape.


Tortoise: A land-dweller that eats low-growing shrubs, grasses, and even cactus. Tortoises do not have webbed feet; their feet are round and stumpy for walking on land.


Coconut:  co·co·nut – [koh-kuh-nuht, -nuht] – /ˈkoʊkəˌnʌt, -nət/ – Noun

  1. the large, hard-shelled seed of the coconut palm, lined with a white edible meat, and containing a milky liquid.



                English Textbook Level One – Page 56:

  • Where I Live Grandfather’s House – Read The Story

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