Reading Exercises Worksheet 14




Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 14:

It’s time for school. I walk to school with the little pigs.
The little pigs walk to school with the dogs.
The dogs walk to school with the mice.
We all like to walk to school together.

“Stop,” said the dog. “I know how to swing.”
“Stop,” said the alligator. “I know how to tie.”
“Stop,” said the turtle. “I know how to fly.”
I walk to the kitchen and Mom asks me.
Do you know how to make sushi?
So I take some seaweed.
I add some rice. I put some egg. And roll it up nice.
Then, from that sushi, Mom takes a bite.

Did you ask your mom?
Can she bring her dog to your house?
Can he bring his turtle to your house?
Did you ask your dad?
Can her dog kick the ball in your house?
Can his turtle sing a song in your house?



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