Reading Exercises Worksheet 13




Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 13:

My sweet little turtle. Please give me a kiss.
Please give me a hug. Please say good night.
I am going to bed.
“Good night, sweetie,” said the little turtle
“Open and find,” “Open and find,”
Said the big blue parrot.
“Stop talking at once,” “Stop talking at once, “
Said the little mouse.
“Where is the mouse?” “I can’t find it!”
Said the big black cat.

Little dog. I just got home.
Open the door and let’s go.
May we ride a bike? May we fly a kite?
May I give you a big high five?
Again, again and once again!
Let’s get going. Let’s play!

I see a little hamster. I take it from the table.
I put it in the cage. I see a little beetle.
I take it from the floor. I put it in the tree.



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