How to Set Up a Goldfish Tank – Reading Exercise 8


Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 8:

Audio Story Read by: Henry Qian


Read the story “How to Set Up a Goldfish Tank” before answering Numbers 11 through 20.

Goldfish are good pets. Goldfish are fun to watch. They need the right home. Goldfish need space. They are not happy living in a bowl.

Keep goldfish in a tank. It is better than a bowl. A tank is bigger. It holds more water. Fish have room for swimming.

Put your tank in a safe place. Do not put it near a window. It could get too warm from the sun.

Put tiny rocks on the tank bottom. Add big rocks. Add plants. These all make good hiding places. Fish like to hide.

Fill the tank with water. Wait a few days. Check the water. Is it clean? A pump cleans the water. Dirty water makes fish sick.

Get your fish! Bring it home in a bag. The bag is filled with water. Let the bag float in the tank. Wait half an hour. The fish must get used to the
tank. Then open the bag. Let the fish swim out! Your fish is home.

Do not feed your fish too much! Extra food makes the tank dirty. A fish should eat most of its food right away.

Put a cover on the tank. This keeps fish safe. Nothing can fall in the tank. Fish cannot jump out.

The tank needs to be cleaned. Do this each week. Take out old water. Add new water. Keep the water clean. Your fish will be happy!

Now answer Numbers 11 through 20. Base your answers on “How to Set Up a Goldfish Tank.”




Now answer Numbers 11 through 20. Base your answers on “How to Set Up a Goldfish Tank ”

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