Chores – Reading Exercise 9


Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 9:

Audio Story Read by: Henry Qian


Read the story “Chores!” before answering Numbers 1 through 10.

Chores! Oh no, chores! Is that how you feel? You are not alone. Many children do not like chores. But there are good reasons for chores. You can learn from doing them. You can have fun, too.

What Are Chores?
Chores are jobs we do at home. Most chores are tasks we do again and again. We wash dishes every day. We do some chores less often, like watering plants. Each family decides what chores to do.

Why Do Children Have Chores?
Chores help you. You learn to do things in your home. It is good to know these things. You will need to do them when you grow up. Also, doing chores makes you close to your family. Families work together.

Children Are Not the Only Ones
Grown-ups do chores, too. You may not have thought of that. But someone washes the clothes. Someone cooks the meals. What if no one cleaned? What if no one cooked? Your home would be a mess. Everyone would be hungry! Washing and cooking are chores. Usually grown-ups do them.

Chores Children Do
Here are some chores for children.

  • Make your bed.
  • Feed pets.
  • Set the table.
  • Pick up dirty clothes.

Chores Can Be Fun!
Make chores fun. Try these ideas:

  • Work with your family. Spend time together.
  • Sing while you work. Or play music while working.
  • Make chores a game. Time yourself. See how fast you can work.
  • Treat yourself. Do something nice when you are done. Play a favorite game. Read a good book.

There are good reasons to do chores. You learn things. You help your family. Your family helps you in many ways. You help them by doing chores. Chores show you that you need each other. That is being a family!




Now answer Numbers 1 through 10. Base your answers on “Chores! ”

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