170 Page 47 Reading Rainbow Level One

Teach: (Discussion and Reading)

                Reading Rainbow Level One Page 47: The Pet Store (PDF &Textbook)


Here is a kitten.  – [kit·ten – [kit-n] – /ˈkɪt n/]

Kitten is a small/young cat

Here is a puppy. – [pup·py – [puhp-ee] – /ˈpʌp i/]

Puppy is a small/young dog

Here is a fish. – [fish – [fish] – /fɪʃ/]

Goldfish – The fish shown in the picture is Goldfish.

Here is a frog. – [frog – [frog, frawg] – /frɒg, frɔg/]

Tadpole is a small/young frog

Here is a gerbil. – [ger·bil – [jur-buh l] – /ˈdʒɜr bəl/]

Gerbil has whiskers

Here is a bird. – [bird – [burd] – /bɜrd/]

Bird has wings that help it fly

Here is a snake. – [snake – [sneyk] – /sneɪk/]

Snake is a reptile and has scales.

Here is a bunny. – [bun·ny – [buhn-ee] – /ˈbʌn i/]

Bunny is s small/young rabbit


Focus Word(s): Kitten, Puppy, Goldfish, Tadpole, Gerbil, Reptile, Bunny



Example Question(s):

  1. Is there a pet store or pet shop in Nantong?
  2. Does the student have a pet store or pet shop in their neighborhoods?
  3. What can you see and do at the pet store?
  4. Do you have a pet, and if so which pet do you have?
  5. Do your neighbors have a pet, and if so which pet do they have?
  6. Do your grandparents have a pet, and if so which pet do they have?



Have some of the students come to the front and read the story without books.


Pet – Any domesticated or tamed animal that is kept as a companion and cared for.

Store – An establishment where merchandise is sold, usually on a retail basis.

Shop – A retail store, especially a small one.



No Homework Given

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