166 Page 40 – 41 – 42 Reading Rainbow Level One


Word of the Day Level II: Vote – vote – [voht] – /voʊt/ – Noun

A formal expression of opinion or choice, either positive or negative,                                                     made by an individual or body of individuals.


Discussion: What is VOTE and who can VOTE?

Possibly VOTE on a class captain or class leader by having the students VOTE.


Teach: (Discussion and Reading)

                Reading Rainbow Level One Page 40: Swim (PDF &Textbook)

The ducks can swim. – (What is a duck, etc…?)

The fish can swim. – (What is a fish, etc…?)

The dogs can swim. – (What is a dog, etc…?)

The frogs can swim. – (What is a frog, etc…?) – (Amphibian)

The turtles can swim. – (What is a turtle, etc…?)

The bears can swim. – (What is a bear, etc…?)

The seals can swim. – (What is a seal, etc…?)

I can swim!  – (Can you swim, etc…?)


Teach: (Discussion and Reading)

                Reading Rainbow Level One Page 41: The Baby (PDF &Textbook)

The baby has a bottle.

The baby has a book.

The baby has a blanket.

The baby has a block.

The baby has a bear.

The baby has a duck.

The baby has a toy.

The baby has a smile!


Teach: (Discussion and Reading)

                Reading Rainbow Level One Page 42: The Farmers (PDF &Textbook)

Look at the cows. – (What is a cow, etc…?)

Look at the horses. – (What is a horse, etc…?)

Look at the pigs. – (What is a pig, etc…?)

Look at the goats. – (What is a goat, etc…?)

Look at the sheep. – (What is a sheep, etc…?)

Look at the hens. – (What is a hen, etc…?)

Look at the farmers!  – (What is a farmer, etc…?) (What are the farmers and animals doing?)


Farmer – A person who farms; person who operates a farm or cultivates land.

Farm – A place where a FARMER raises crops (fruits and vegetables) and livestock (animals).



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