165 Page 22 – 23 – 24 – 25 English Homework Level One


                Flag of the day: Page 19 – Virgin Islands (U.S. Territory – (Island))



Word of the Day Level II: Volunteer – vol·un·teer – [vol-uh n-teer] – /ˌvɒl ənˈtɪər/

A person who performs a service willingly and without pay.


Discussion:  Who or what is a VOLUNTEER.


English Textbook Level One – Page 68 Jobs People Do (Textbook Only)

                                Grammar – At The Hairdresser’s


Have one or more students volunteer to come to the front and read the story out loud.


Teach: English Homework Level One

Page 22 – Writing – My Family

  1. Hello, Mr. Toh. Hello, Rosita. (Who is Mr. Toh?)
  2. Hello, Mrs. Toh. Hello, Rosita. (Who is Mrs. Toh?)
  3. Hello, Mr. Lee. Hello, Rosita. (Who is Mr. Lee?)
  4. Hello, Mrs. Lee. Hello, Rosita. (Who is Mrs. Lee?)

Note: Anne, Sam and Alice’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Lee.


Page 23 – Read & Write – My Family

Jan: How old are you, Rosita?

Rosita: I am six years old.

Rosita: How old are you, Jan?

Jan: I am seven years old.

Rosita: How old are you, May?

May: I am five years old.


Page 24 – Read About Pat’s Family – My Family

Ask the students to read what they wrote about their family members.


Page 25 – Reading & Writing – My Family

I am Ian. I am seven years old

I like going to school.  I like to read.

I like to write and draw.

I like going to the park. I like to play football (SOCCER – U.S.) at the park.

My friends and I have a football (SOCCER BALL – U.S.) that we play with.


                ** Have the students write in their books that FOOTBALL is called SOCCER in the U.S. **

In the sentence: I like to play… FOOTBALL/SOCCER is a SPORT.

In the sentence: My friends and I have a FOOTBALL/SOCCER BALL… is an OBJECT/THING.



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