163 Page 66 – 67 English Textbook Level One


                Flag of the day: Page 19 – Northern Mariana Islands (U.S. Territory)



Word of the Day Level II: Stupendous –                 stu·pen·dous – [stoo-pen-duhs, styoo-]

                /stuˈpɛndəs, styu-/ – Adjective

  1. Causing amazement; astounding; marvelous: stupendous news.
  2. Amazingly large or great; immense.


Discussion: What is a STUPENDOUS and who or what can be STUPENDOUS.



                English Textbook Level One – Page 66 Jobs People Do (Textbook Only)

                                Grammar – Let Us Play A Guessing Game


Mailman – Postman – A person employed by the post office to deliver mail; mail carrier.


Student should read the questions on page 66 and answer them accordingly.


Activity: Play the guessing game / role play.

Ask the students to play the guessing game as shown on page 66, the answers should be:

  1. Yes, she is – Yes, he is – (she is, can be also she’s) – Singular.
  2. No, she is not – No, he is not – (he is, can be also he’s) – Singular.
  3. Yes, they are – (they are, can be also they’re) – Plural.
  4. No, they are not – (they are not, can also be they aren’t) – Plural.


Focus Word(s): Guess, Clue, Hint, Role Play, Pretend (previous word of the day)

Explain: A question ends with a question mark (?).



                English Textbook Level One – Page 67 Jobs People Do (Textbook Only)

                                Grammar – It’s Our Mother’s Birthday


Housewife – A married woman who manages her own household.


Ask the students to read page 67 and discuss the questions, along with the students writing the correct answers in their textbooks.


Focus Word(s): Supermom, Fruitcake, Very Hard (Phrase)


Explain: A comma (,) is used to separate parts of a sentence. (Previously was Word of the Day)




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