162 Page 64 – 65 English Textbook Level One


                Flag of the day: Page 19 – Guam (U.S. Territory)



Word of the Day Level II: Stubborn – stub·born – [stuhb-ern] /ˈstʌbərn/ – Adjective

Unreasonably obstinate; obstinately unmoving: a stubborn child.


Discussion: What is a STUBBORN and who can be STUBBORN.



                English Textbook Level One – Page 64 – 65:  Jobs People Do (Textbook Only)

                                Text Type Oral – Guess Who These People Are.



Ask the students what they can see in the illustrations on page 64 & 65.

*** Students must provide an answer in a complete sentence. ***


Note: Explain and discuss page 64 completely and then move onto page 65.


** Have the students write the correct occupation in their textbooks for each picture shown. **


Have the student read the questions on page 64 & 65 and have them write the correct answer in their textbooks.


Do the students know any of the occupations shown / described on page 64 & 65?


Answer Key: English Textbook Level One – Page 64:  Jobs People Do


Picture 1 (Top Left) Electrician Picture 3 (Top Right) Gardener
Picture 2 (Bottom Left) Librarian Picture 4 (Bottom Right) Chef


Answer Key: English Textbook Level One – Page 65:  Jobs People Do


Picture 1 (Top Left) Dentist Picture 3 (Top Right) Scientist
Picture 2 (Bottom Left) Baker Picture 4 (Bottom Right) Bus Driver – Driver




Students should role play by asking similar questions as in the textbook.

Example: One student should ask a question and other answers the question.



No Homework Given

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