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Word of the Day Level II: Letter Zz

Z, z – [zee or, esp. British, zed; Archaic iz-erd] – /zi or, esp. British, zɛd; Archaic ˈɪz ərd/

                Noun, plural Z’s or Zs, z’s or zs.

The twenty sixth (26th) letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.


Activity: Ask the students who can give five (5) words that begin with letter Zz very quickly.

Note: Letter Zz is the 26th, letter of the alphabet; it comes after Letter Yy.

Letter Zz is the last letter of the alphabets.



                Reading Rainbow Workbook Level One Page 38: Smells (PDF Only)


I can smell the flowers.

I can smell the pizza.

I can smell the soap.

I can smell the cookies.

I can smell the popcorn.

I can smell the bread.

I can smell the soup.

I can smell the skunk! (Skunk is an animal that can spray a very bad smell/odor)


Skunk: skunk – [skuhngk] – /skʌŋk/

Noun, plural skunks (especially collectively) skunk.

A small North American mammal, Mephitis mephitis, of the weasel family, having a        black coat with a white, V -shaped stripe on the back, and ejecting a fetid odor when           alarmed or attacked.



Swap workbooks with different students for corrections.




Ask the students what they can see.

Ask the students what the little girl is doing.

Ask the students does the _____ smell good or bad?

Ask the students how do they know it smells good or bad?




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