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                Reading Rainbow Level One Page 38: Smells (PDF – Textbook)


I can smell the flowers.

I can smell the pizza.

I can smell the soap. (Clean hands, face, etc..) with soap

I can smell the cookies. (Chocolate Chip Cookies) – (Cookie is unhealthy)

I can smell the popcorn. (Made from corn) – (Corn is a grain, and not a fruit or vegetable)

I can smell the bread.

I can smell the soup. (Carrots can be an ingredient in soup) – (Soup is healthy)

I can smell the skunk! (Skunk is an animal that can spray a very bad smell/odor)


Focus Word(s): Smell, Popcorn, Soup, Skunk


Smell: smell – [smel] – /smɛl/ verb (used with object), smelled or smelt, smell·ing.

To perceive the odor or scent of through the nose by means of the olfactory nerves;     inhale the odor of.


Activity / Discussion(s):

                Ask The Following Questions:

  1. Who can read?
  2. Who can spell?
  3. What can you see?


Note: Introduce Senses such as Smell, Taste, See/Look/Sight, Feel/Touch, Hear/Listen/Sound

  1. We smell with our nose 2. We taste with our tongue and mouth
  2. We see with our eyes 4. We hear with our ears
  3. We touch (feel) with our hands and skin


Discussion: (Note that the discussions should be limited as this topic will be taught later)

  1. What can the students smell with their nose?
  2. What can the students taste with their tongue and mouth?
  3. What can the students feel with their hands and skin?
  4. What can the students see with their eyes?
  5. What can the students hear with their ears?



                Reading Rainbow Level One:

Page 38: Smells – Study the Story.


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Page 38: Smells – Unscramble the words.

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