132 Page 52 English Textbook Level One

Activity: Date

                What is today’s DAY / DATE and TIME.



                Flag of the day: Page 17 – Oregon


Discussion: What can the students see in the flag of Oregon.



Word of the Day Level II: Letter Mm – M, m – [em] – /ɛm/ – Noun, plural M’s or Ms, m’s or ms.

The thirteenth (13th) letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.


Activity: Ask the students who can give five (5) words that begin with letter Mm very quickly.

Note: Letter Mm is the 13th, letter of the alphabet; it comes before letter Nn, and after Letter Ll.



                English Textbook Level One – Page 52:

  • Where I Live / Supermarket & Shops/Stores (Textbook Only)


Note: Ask the students what they can see on page 52, and discuss in complete sentences.



Supermarkets and Shops/Stores are places, and what stores they can see in their neighborhood, as well as what can they buy/purchase in such shops/stores.



What can students shop for in a supermarket, shop/store?

Example: I can shop for pencil, ruler, bread, milk, etc…


What can students buy in a supermarket, shop/store?

                                Example: I can buy a pencil, ruler, bread, milk, etc…


Buy – [bahy] – /baɪ/ – Verb (used with object), bought, buy·ing.

To acquire the possession of, or the right to, by paying or promising to pay an equivalent, especially in money; purchase.


Shop – [shop] – /ʃɒp/ – Verb (used without object), shopped, shop·ping.

To visit shops and stores for purchasing or examining goods.


Supermarket: su·per·mar·ket – [soo-per-mahr-kit] – /ˈsu pərˌmɑr kɪt/ – Noun

A large retail market that sells food and other household goods and that is usually           operated on a self-service basis.



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