121 Page 47 English Textbook Level One


                Flag of the day: Page 16 – Nebraska


Note: Tell the students that it would be a great idea if they can have a CLASS FLAG, and to draw a class flag on the glass board.


Word of the Day Level II: Letter Cc – C, c – [see] – /si/ – Noun, plural C’s or Cs, c’s or cs.

The third (3rd) letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.


Activity: Ask the students who can give five (5) words that begin with letter Cc very quickly.

Note: Letter Cc is the 3rd letter of the alphabet; it comes before letter Dd, and after Letter Bb.



                English Textbook Level One – Page 47: – Where I Live (Textbook Only)


Activity:  Read Where I Live


I go high, I go low.

I go up, I go down.

My bike and I, go all around town.


Focus Word(s): high, low, up, down, town


Explain: Provide some examples to explain town.


  1. America is a COUNTRY, just like China
  2. Nebraska is a STATE, just like Jiangsu
  3. New York CITY is a CITY, just like Nantong
  4. Boonton (Ateeq’s hometown) is a TOWN, just like Jin Sha


Town – [toun] – /taʊn/ – Noun

A thickly populated area, usually smaller than a city and larger than a village, having fixed boundaries and certain local powers of government.



Note: Ask the students what they can see on page 47.

Answers must be in form of a sentence, not just a word or two.



What can the students see in their neighborhood?



Have the students come to the font and read the story without books.



No Homework Given

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