111 Page 32 Reading Rainbow Level One


                Flag of the day: Page 15 – Kentucky


Note: Explain to the students that K.F.C. started in Kentucky.

K.F.C. is a restaurant and a place where we can eat food.


Word of the Day Level II: Engineer – en·gi·neer – [en-juh-neer] – /ˌɛn dʒəˈnɪər/

Discussion: What is an ENGINEER and what can they do?

Explain: ENGINEER is an occupation / job, and can make/build things such as……

                Explain: Spaghetti is an ITALIAN FOOD (pasta / noodles), and is healthy.

Explain:  Heavy & Light, and discuss things that can be heavy and light.


Reading Rainbow Level One Page 32: On The Way To School (PDF, Story Only)


I see the sign. (OCTAGON SIGN – OCTAGON is a shape and has 8 sides)

I see the bus.

I see the driver. (The bus driver is using a CB Radio (Central Band Radio) to talk)

I see the children.

I see the school.

I see the playground. (An ENGINEER can build things in the playground such as see-saw)

I see the door.

I see my teacher.


Note: The sign has the word “AHEAD”, explain to the students thoroughly what this means, and to address that they should not go ahead of the class when doing the activity below.



                Reading Rainbow Workbook Level One:  Page 32 – On The Way To School

Swap the books and have the students correct each other’s workbooks.


Activity / Discussion:

Introduce OCCUPATIONS to the students, and write some OCCUPATIONS that the students may already know.  To get a better understand ask the students what their parents do for a living.


Explain & Differentiate:

The following words and try to provide examples, and allow students to provide examples.


  1. Good 2. Nice 3. Great
  2. Excellent 3. Alright 5. Very Good



No Homework Given

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