110 Page 31 – 32 Reading Rainbow Level One


                Flag of the day: Page 15 – Kansas


Word of the Day Level II: Empathy – em·pa·thy – [em-puh-thee] – /ˈɛm pə θi/


Review / Activity:  (Previous Homework) (Swap the books the other students for correction)


                Reading Rainbow Workbook Level One Page 31: Oh No! (PDF, Story Only)


Look at the mail! (This was a word of the day)

Look at the water!

Look at the trash! (Focus Word) –(Trash – Trash Bag – Trash Can)

Look at the paper!

Look at the flowers!

Look at the pillow!

Look at the paint! (Discuss Foot Print – Hand Print – Finger Print)

Look at the dog!



                Reading Rainbow Level One:  Page 31 – Oh, No!

Have the students come to the front of the class and recite the story, without books.



                Reading Rainbow Level One Page 32: On The Way To School (PDF, Story Only)


I see the sign.

I see the bus.

I see the driver.

I see the children.

I see the school.

I see the playground.

I see the door.

I see my teacher.


Note: ON THE WAY TO SCHOOL is another way to express going somewhere in a present tense.


Discussion:  What can the students see in the pictures?

Note: Ask questions about what is being presented in this story.             



                Reading Rainbow Workbook Level One: Page 32

Reading Rainbow Workbook Level One Page 32: On The Way To School.

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