The Birthday Cake – Reading Exercise 2



Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 2:

Audio Story Read by: Henry Qian


Read the story “The Birthday Cake” before answering Numbers 11 through 20.

It was Pat’s birthday, and it was almost time for her party. It was so hard to wait!

“Mom,” she called. “When are my friends coming?”

“Soon,” answered Mom from the kitchen. She was baking the cake. “Your cake is almost done and it looks good!” Mom said.

Pat sat down. But sitting was hard! She got up and ran to the kitchen. Just then, Mom came out with the cake.

Pat and Mom ran into each other. The cake fell on the floor. It made a big mess!

“Oh, no! My cake!” exclaimed Pat. “What will we do?”

“Well,” said Mom. “We can have cookies.”

“No,” said Pat. “I wanted cake.” Pat helped clean up. She was very sad.

Pat’s friends came. She told them what happened.

“What can we do?” said Beth. “A birthday needs a cake.”

“I know,” said Deb. “We can make a new one!”

“But I wanted to play party games,” said Pat. “I wanted to have fun.”

“If we all work together, it will be fun,” said Beth.

Pat was not so sure.

The girls sat around the kitchen table. Mom put a big bowl in the middle. Beth measured the flour and Sue added sugar. Deb put in milk and Pat cracked open the eggs. The other girls put in other things. Everyone stirred. The girls talked and laughed while they worked.

“The cake needs to bake,” said Beth. “We have to wait.” The girls played card games. They talked and laughed some more. “This is fun!” said Pat.

Then Mom took out the cake. “Oh,” said Pat. “The cake looks good!” They each got a piece. Pat took a bite. “This tastes great!” she said. “See?” said Beth. “We worked together and we had fun.”

Pat looked at her friends and said, “You are good friends!” She was very happy.





Now answer Numbers 11 through 20. Base your answers on “The Birthday Cake.”

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    11. Why does the first cake fall on the floor?

    12. Read these sentences from the story. “Well,” said Mom. “We can have cookies.” In the word cookies, the -s means

    13. Which word tells about something that already happened?

    14. Pat is very sad because

    15. Who stirs when they make the cake?

    16. Read this sentence from the story. “The cake looks good!” What does looks mean in the sentence above?

    17. Which word tells about something that happens now?

    18. How do Pat’s friends save the party?

    19. Which word tells about something that already happened?

    20. What does Pat say when she eats the new cake?

    Comprehension 11, 14, 15, 18, 20
    Vocabulary 12, 13, 16, 17, 19
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