Tammy (Fat Bitch Remix)

1.2.3. kick it!!!!

This is the Fat Bitch Remix!!!

Bitch i hate your guts, you really make me mad so just shut up and
go back to fucking your dad,
how could he want to be with you cus you make me sick with the things you do
were coming back with the remix crew
singing a mutha fuckin song just about you!!
how can you be so unfair
just cus Mark saw your dads underwear.
you didn’t have to send him that text just to ask him for sex
you that desperate?


Fuck You Tammy
Burn in hell
Fuck you Tammy
suck Marks bell (x2)

So cut the Bullshit cus you want a death wish?
go back to fingering the fish
Trying to think Mark will give you a Kiss!!!
It’s not like your his type of dish
so when you see me with your sister that way
think about it ,Mark didn’t want you cus he’s Gay!!
Go back to your childish comments
saying i’m bent!!!
when Mark went to see you on the corner it was money well spent!!!
It got you off my back but your pimp gave you the sack
you ain’t got a job
but you want to suck Mark’s knob!!

repeat chourus

Fuck u Tammy
Fuck your dad
Fuck your Family
Fuck your Fat
(fade to End)

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