[TLC] (Jermaine Dupri)
Switch (check it)
Switch (TLC, I like that)
Switch (turn it up)
Switch (aight)

I ain’t one to be questioned
About who and where I’ve been
I ain’t one to be questioned
About what time I came in
Tryna squeeze, baby please
Hit the road and don’t come back
‘Cause I can’t trust a relationship
With no trust and that’s a fact

1 – [TLC]
Don’t take no mess from nobody
If they act up just leave ’em alone
Don’t take no mess from nobody
When you’re done wit ’em you can send ’em home

I won’t answer to no one
Until I feel I’m ready to
I’m gonna have my fun
Doin’ the things I like to do
See, I need space, get off my case
Stop breathin’ down my back
‘Cause we ain’t got a relationship
If that’s how you have to act

Commitment, true devotion
Right now is not the way for you to come at me
When I need it, I’m sure you’ll be the first to know
But for now, in my plans, no demands
I’m gonna have to make a switch

[Left Eye]
Switch, throw his behind in a ditch
While my definition states, as it relates
To us mates, one elimintaes
And solely contemplates and de associates
Like my neew drink was V-8’s
Just as quick as I get in it
I drop ’em in a minute
Like the dollas in my pocket, Speedy Gonzales
Couldn’t stop the way I spin it
I’m known for breakin’ every speed limit
This switch could be infinite
I said L to da E to da F to da T to da E to the Y
Because I’m so fly
Bring it back to the E
So come and see me
At the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn (say what?)
I said if your man starts actin’ up
Switch and take his friend
Erase, replace, embrace new face, come on
Erase, replace, embrace new face

Repeat 1 to fade

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