Reading Exercises Worksheet 6




Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 6:

I want to eat a cookie. But Mom says, “No! Sweetie!”
Then she gives me a kiwi. So I am really happy.

I have a brown teddy bear. I have a brown crayon.
I have a brown dog. I have a brown cat.

Pandas are black and white.
Penguins are black and white.
Some puppies are black and white.
Some people are black and some are white.

I ate four fish. I ate four worms.
I ate four bugs. I ate four leaves.

I have a puppy. My puppy is black and white.
My puppy ate four bones. From morning to night!

Our robot went to a movie. Our puppy went to school.
Our kitty went to the zoo. Our pony went for a walk.
The wolf came back. The little pig ran away.
The black cat came back. The little mouse ran away.



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