Reading Exercises Worksheet 20




Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 20:

I ask five friends for their hats
And wear them all at once.
Take one off and I call four.
Take one off fast and I say three.
Take one off very fast and I shout “two more.”
Take two off and I don’t wear hats any more.

Why can birds fly high? Because they have wings.
Why is the pig so fat? Because the pig likes to eat.
Why are you asking why? Because I like to ask why.

This is Benny. He is my best friend.
We always play baseball together.
I am the best pitcher. He is the best catcher.
We are the best team.

Wow, a cake! It’s yummy. My mom made it
Wow, a car! It’s fun. My dad made it
Oh, no! What a mess! I made it.



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