Reading Exercises Worksheet 18




Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 18:

Look at me. I can sing.
Look at me. I can sing and read.
Look at me! I can sing, read and write.

One hat goes on its nose. It becomes a funny duck.
Two mittens go on its ears. It becomes a funny bunny.
One sock goes on its face. It becomes a funny cat.
It is my favorite puppet.

One hat goes on my nose. And tell me how I look.
“Quack! Quack! I’m a duck, and I can sing.”
“Quack! Quack! I’m a duck and I can read.”
“Quack! Quack! I’m a duck and I can write.”
“Quack! Quack!
These are my friends and we are all funny ducks.”

We are five hats. We are five balloons.
We are five candles. We are five gifts.
Surprise! We are five years old. Happy birthday!



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