Pete’s Cousin – Reading Exercise 3



Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 3:

Audio Story Read by: Henry Qian


Read the story “Pete’s Cousin” before answering Numbers 1 through 10.

Pete’s aunt and cousin were coming to visit.
They were from Mexico. “Dad,” said Pete. “Do they have to come? I do not want visitors.”

“But Luis is your cousin, and he is your age.
You will like him!” said Dad.

“Luis lives far away. We will be different. It will not be fun,” said Pete.

“Stop worrying,” said Dad. “You may have lots of fun!”

Pete felt sad. He thought he would be bored.

At last, Pete’s aunt Ana and cousin Luis arrived.
Luis smiled at Pete. “He looks nice,” thought Pete.

“Hi,” said Pete. Luis said something back. Pete did not understand.

Aunt Ana said, “Luis said hello.” Pete smiled at Luis, but he thought, “Oh no! We cannot talk to each other!”

Pete looked at Luis. His clothes were different. His shoes were different. His haircut was different. “We are so different. How will we have fun?” Pete was worried.

“You two look alike,” said Dad.

“Really?” asked Pete.

“Yes,” said Aunt Ana.

“See? You both have dark brown hair. You both have brown eyes. You both have big smiles,” said Aunt Ana. Then she said something to Luis and Luis nodded. Pete did not understand.

Pete and Luis looked at each other. They both smiled.

“Maybe,” said Pete.

Luis looked around. Then he picked up Pete’s soccer ball. He bounced it off his knee and then he hit it off his head. “Wow!” said Pete. “You are good!”

Pete took the ball. He hit it to Luis with his head. They both laughed. Luis pointed to the window and this time Pete understood. “Yes!” he said. “Let’s go outside. Let’s play soccer!”

They played soccer until dinner. They both came in with red cheeks and big smiles.

“Did you have fun?” asked Dad.

“Yes!” said Pete. “Having a cousin from Mexico is great!”





Now answer Numbers 1 through 10. Base your answers on “Pete’s Cousin.”

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    1. Why does Pete feel sad at the BEGINNING of the story?

    2. What happens after Luis picks up Pete’s soccer ball?

    3. What is the root word of bored?

    4. The word arrive means “reach a place.” What does arrived mean?

    5. How does Pete change in this story?

    6. Which word has the SAME root word as smiled?

    7. Pete thinks that he and Luis will be different because

    8. Why does Dad think Pete and Luis may have fun together?

    9. What is the root word of worrying?

    10. Which word has the SAME root word as nodded?

    Comprehension 1, 2, 5, 7, 8
    Vocabulary 3, 4, 6, 9, 10
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