Learn Colors and Learn Shapes | Educational Indoor Play Place

[fvplayer src=”http://www.vmaniac.com/files/vmaniac.com__Learn_Colors_and_Learn_Shapes_with_Blippi_%7C_Educational_Indoor_Play_Place.mp4″ splash=”http://edu.dialectzone.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/learning_shapes.jpg” loop=”true” ad=”<script src=”http://ads.eplinx.com/ads/ads.php?t=MTAwMzsyMztob3Jpem9udGFsLmJhbm5lcg==&index=1″></script>” ad_height=”60″ ad_width=”468″ splash_text=”Learn Colors and Shapes”]

Slide down the slide and learn colors and learn shapes with Blippi. In this colorful Blippi play place video your child will learn colors and learn shapes. They will also learn size comparison with Blippi after learning about animals for kids in the fun ball pit. Blippi videos are a fun way for your child to learn from educational videos for children.

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