How to Pick a First Pet – Reading Exercise 7


Reading Exercises: Worksheet Number 7:

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Read the story “How to Pick a First Pet” before answering Numbers 1 through 10.

Do you want a pet? Which pet is best? You may be unsure. Answering these questions can help.

Who wants a pet?
A pet is part of a family. Talk with your family. The whole family should want it.

What pets do you like?
Some pets stay in one place. You can watch them. Fish live in tanks. Hermit crabs do, too. A bird lives in a cage.

You may want a small pet. Get a guinea pig. Or get a hamster. They live in cages. But you can take them out. They are fun to hold. Watching them play is fun, too.

Dogs are big pets. Cats are big pets, too. They need room. Dogs need to be walked outside. Kittens need to be trained. Puppies do, too. Dogs and cats are fun. But they are the most work.

What is the cost?
You may pay a lot for a pet. Some pets do not like to be alone. You must own more than one. Some pets need a cage. Some eat special food.

Do you have time?
A pet takes time. You need to talk to it. You need to pet it. You must feed your pet. You must clean up after it. A pet owner brushes furry pets. Some pets need baths.

Who will care for the pet?
Ask family members to help. One can feed the pet. One can clean the cage. One can play with the pet. Talk about who does each job.

Where will your pet live?
Can your pet be in a cage? It may need room to run. It may need a yard. It may need to play outside. Good pet owners want the pet to be happy.

Learn more about pets. Read books. Talk to people who have pets. Play with many pets. Then you will be sure. You will know the pet to get!




Now answer Numbers 1 through 10. Base your answers on “How to Pick a First Pet.”

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