How to Add APP to Home Screen – 添加到主屏幕



There are some websites that you visit frequently, and you save them in your bookmarks for quick access. If you are an Android user, you now have an easy way to do that. You can now save your bookmarks right on your device’s homescreen, and it will require only one tap and your chosen site will be in front of you. Here’s how you can go about doing that:

The bookmarks can be saved on your homescreen by using either the default browser that comes preloaded on all the Android devices or the Firefox web browser. We will show you how you can do it with both of these web browsers.

Follow the instructions below to add a shortcut to a website on the home screen of your iPad, iPhone, or Android devices.

iPad or iPhone

  1. Launch “Safari” app. This does not work from the “Chrome” app.
  2. Enter into the address field the URL of the website you want to create a shortcut to. Tap “Go.”
  3. Tap the icon featuring a right-pointing arrow coming out of a box along the top of the Safari window to open a drop-down menu.
  4. Tap “Add to Home Screen.” The Add to Home dialog box will appear, with the icon that will be used for this website on the left side of the dialog box.
  5. Enter the name for the shortcut using the on-screen keyboard and tap “Add.” Safari will close automatically and you will be taken to where the icon is located on your iPad’s desktop.


按照以下说明在 iPad、iPhone 或 Android 设备的主屏幕上添加网站的快捷方式。

iPad 或 iPhone

  1. 启动“Safari”应用程序。这在“Chrome”或“QQ浏览器”应用程序中不起作用。
  2. 在地址字段中输入要创建快捷方式的网站的 URL。点击“开始”。
  3. 点击带有右向箭头的图标,该图标从Safari窗口顶部的框中出来,以打开下拉菜单。
  4. 点击“添加到主屏幕”。将出现“添加到主页”对话框,对话框左侧将显示将用于此网站的图标。
  5. 使用屏幕键盘输入快捷方式的名称,然后点击“添加”。Safari将自动关闭,您将被带到iPad桌面上图标所在的位置。


  1. Launch “Chrome” app.
  2. Open the website or web page you want to pin to your home screen.
  3. Tap the menu icon (3 dots in upper right-hand corner) and tap Add to homescreen.
  4. You’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.



  1. 启动“Chrome”或“QQ浏览器”应用程序。
  2. 打开要固定到主屏幕的网站或网页。
  3. 点击菜单图标(右上角的 3 个点),然后点击添加到主屏幕。
  4. 您将能够输入快捷方式的名称,然后 Chrome 会将其添加到您的主屏幕。

Using the Default Browser

  1. Launch the default web browser on your device.
  2. Open your favorite website.
  3. Press the Menu button on your device, and it will bring up a couple of options for you to choose from. Tap on the one that says “Add shortcut.”
  4. It will say it has successfully created a shortcut for your chosen website on your homescreen. Your screen will look like the following:
  5. You should now be able to see the shortcut created on your homescreen.

To open the website, just tap on the shortcut, and it will do everything for you, from launching the web browser to loading the page, and you will have the fully loaded website on your device.

That was about the default browser, here’s how you can do the same using Firefox.

Using the Firefox Browser

  1. Launch the Firefox browser on your device.
  2. Open any website you wish to create a bookmark for,, for example.
  3. Press the Menu button on your device and you should see a couple of options to choose from. Tap on the little star icon shown in the top of the options.
  4. It should say the bookmark has been added. What it has actually done is added the bookmark to your browser and not to your homescreen. To add it to your homescreen, tap on the option that says “Options.” You need to do this quickly, as the option will disappear after a couple of seconds.
  5. On the screen that follows, tap on “Add to Home Screen.” It will add the bookmark to your homescreen.
  6. Once it is done, it should say the bookmark has been created. You will see something like the following:
  7. You can now see the bookmark for your chosen website on your homescreen. Tap on it and it will open up the website for you.

And that’s all there is to it.

You now know how easily you can create bookmarks for your favorite websites on your homescreen, for quicker access to the most visited websites on your device.

Who would go an extra mile for doing something that can be done right from where you are? The above simple tip will help you place shortcuts for your favorite websites on your homescreen, making it darn easy for you to access your websites in just a single tap.


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