Distant Wilderness

Why is it you fail, to see a man
in the same hour, that his kin come grinnin?
In another code, fell asleep, party mode, tryin to come up
from the ashes that defy your lift, listen up
Ladies seem sweet, the ocean meets the mountain peaks
Stone-walker, the side-walker, watches loose lips, Wall Street
Numbers set by stock movers, buy my tip so I can touch
Not for no print size, plate saint, white wasted H20
Four coats’ll make it glaze
Beams rooted like dogwood, between the Pine, wind
Twenty-fo’ stores with malt for sale, still fetchin water
out the well, help em size, find the grind, find the times
where the times weighed as hard as ? find me shoes, baby daddy
Rico Daddy, he didn’t break the TV
So why should I weep, man gon’ bye, see you when my light blow
Got more good than dirt to throw, and I won’t pull
between the halo, and a fork-pitch
Suffocated by my rhymes…

[Chorus: Debra Killings]
Rest your mind in distant wilderness
Take your time and concentrate on it
Take a stand and make your hand a fist
We got a reason to resist

The mortal orbit your nadir, don’t cross the fader
chillin in Decatur, where it’s greater, secure streets
In the hood late at nights, dippin fine
Hard not to be slippin, if they come, I won’t run
When it’s time, I ain’t trippin, I got my date
and you got yours too, I see, the record sales soar
after the death, of this creator, genocidal, tendencies
when they mention he, who listens to Unseen Hand
Cappin the faces of the young black man, when they sing
Knowin that we Godly, got to keep it right
with my people cause I’m equal no matter, how much I make
I can’t escape fate, the date as I await
As I await, I can’t fake
Can’t fake, I can’t fake, I’m true with it

A duffel for the cash, platinum within myself from another earth
Spill, nina, tea leaf, your very, existance
is considered a privelege, buck up, and they can’t, be revoked
Pay your taxes, uhh, snake eyes
Strapped with flaws, still iterant to a lot of laws
Man-made, but that’s a dot
Everybody from the East coast done went back home, to think
Gettin they thoughts mixed negative, after reoccurances
I say a prayer, plus if I, entertained them
It’s easy to commit, hard to resist
And once we cross that line segment, not even our producers
can bring us back, eyeballs peeled
eardrums opened, egos stripped stroked
Another low blow delivered to the hip-hop culture, uhh
Industry consists of thieveries, prostitutes
and Folgers if somethin bigger than us, past the blue
Told us that it wasn’t a heaven for G’s
Then we do this, continue your devilish deeds
I mean activities, that just show, that it’s a Hell
for Jacks, independent, but you distributed by your masters
Labels still a slave, but you just get to eat at
the white man’s table, lookin like Gable Gunther
on the Guinness Book of World Records, God didn’t like ugly
and he wasn’t too fond of cute either
A climate of caution, a climate of caution in effect
Hard acts to follow


Where I am, you can feel God is present
In the midst of darkness if you spark up bet somebody gonna see it
It is necessary for me to speak these words now
Another day here hasn’t been promised to me, don’t you agree
that you never fail when you try, I’m willing to die but first
I am willing to live, and I overstand that this will be
a lifelong sacrifice, in order to reveal
you gon’ have to destroy, and if you ain’t thinkin right
you damn sure can’t act right, somebody raise your fist
and let me know I’m not alone, revolution, doesn’t mean fightin
in these streets, and it ain’t gonna be no revolution
without the women, and, it ain’t gonna be no future
without the children, and, it ain’t gonna be no children
without the men, and, you can’t have no love without the trust
And no, trust can come without communication
And you can’t communicate if you ain’t got shit to say
You can’t teach about what you, been deceived about too
Any book you read is still limited education
You gon’ have to talk to God personally and time is short
And, he’s on his way, and I will receive a great reward for what I’ve done
And this is all that really matters to me
In time you will see what I told you is true
And I ain’t have to rhyme to say that to you
I ain’t got to rhyme to say it to you, it’s true


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