Diggin’ On You

I was like peace in a groove, on a Sunday afternoon
You were there, so was I, in the park, 4th of July
I was chillin’ with my Kool-Aid
When Miss Chilli came to relay
That you had a thang for me
Finest thang you’d ever seen
I must admit to you
I’ve heard them lines a time or two
Although for some apparent reason
Monkey lines are now in season, lights off, lights on
I guess the groove is on, so I am

1-Diggin’ the scene, diggin’ on you, diggin’ on me
Baby baby-ooo-baby, baby
It’s on like that, it’s on like that
I gotta be in love or somethin’ like that
(repeat 1)

I was like deep in a cool
What’nt gone be nobody’s fool
Could not care less who was there
Could’ve been like anywhere

I was chillin’ with my Kool-Aid
Did not want to par-ti-ci-pate
In no silly conversation
Had no time for new relation-ships
I must admit to you, when I heard the lines you threw
Although it usually turns me off
But this time you have turned me on
Lights off, lights on
I guess the groove is on and I am
(rpt 1, 1)

Oh why do I feel the way I do?
When all I can think about is you
What was it in a line, that made me fall for you
Do you know, why I’m diggn’, diggin’ diggin’ on you?
(rpt 1, 1…)

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