Dance On

Pick it up!
There’s a bass guitar in this
Ow! {x4}

Grenade launcher roars in a television sky
Tell me how many young brothers must die?

Dance on, dance on
Dance on, dance on

Little talk Johnny blew the big score
The gang nailed his feet 2 a wooden floor
Nuclear ban never stays in tune
They all know the words but the music is doomed

Everybody dance on, dance on, ooh!
Dance on, dance on

Pick it up!

Dance on, dance on {x3}

A bass guitar in spider webs longin’ 4 the funk
Uzi gun takes its place in a wagon trunk
(Get off me, punk! U ain’t sexy)
Stealin’ ladies’ purses then settin’ them aflame
M&M killers playin’ Mickey Mouse games

Lord have mercy
Dance on, dance on (Dance on)
Dance on, dance on (Dance on)

It’s time 4 new education
Former rules don’t apply
We need a power structure that breeds production
Instead of jacks who vandalize
Detroit – what’s happenin’?

What color is your money 2day? {Phrases repeat and fade out}
Get your money straight
Everybody dance on
Dance on

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