Da Da Da Da

Hmm (hmmm)..
Shh-shh-shh-shh.. da-da da-da
Ohh, shit! Haha.. da-da da-da?
Da-da da-da (yeah like that) da-da da-da
(This how it go) da-da da-da?
Da-da da-da, da-da da-da
(Two thou’ style) da-da da-da?
Da-da da-da, da-da da-da

Aiyyo Tha Alkies set the trends that the whole world follow
Fuck a CD, fuck a tape, we should sell this shit in bottles
(Are you a role model?) Not, CaTash’ll steal yo’ beatbox
I drink cuss and smoke and sock niggaz with cheap shots
The gunner – Wonderman, Wonderwoman husband
The stunner – fuck with us y’all niggaz must be buzzin
I love it; we coulda been washed like dirty dishes
but the Genie in the Lamp gave Tash like 30 wishes
First I wished for health cause I be thinkin bout myself
I be drinkin by myself, livin shrinkin like an elf
Next I wished for wealth, 90 million in the bank account
Young niggaz with money, that’s somethin we need to think about
Cause we could be the President, we could be the Senators
Right now niggaz think we just drug dealers and janitors
We big, that’s big, we large, in charge
I told the Genie next I want a car like the stars
A Bentley, a Coupe, a truck with the OOP
With the three level seats for when it’s time to scoop my group
I thirst, for loops, I told the Genie next
I want the King Tee albums plus Xzibit on cassette
Next, I told the Genie like it or not
Last wish I hope you die cause I want yo’ spot
Tash come from rock bottom want funk beats we got ’em
I can bust my shit in spring you won’t catch it ’til next autumn
We taught them niggaz how to rhyme this hot
We drink a lot, smoke a lot, da-da da-da, da-da da-da

[Chorus 2X: Tha Liks]
.. da-da da-da?
Da-da da-da, da-da da-da
.. da-da da-da?
Da-da da-da, da-da da-da

Babylon and chron’ – six foes on the line
Smashin down Avalon like a ghetto amazon
Brown-bagger; take it to the head like Marvin Hagler
Livin underground like a badger
Wall to wall like a tagger – original pants sagger
Bite my rhymes and your whole grill might shatter
Remi and Hennesey, fuckin up my bladder
If your girl say she know me then I probably got at her
Sometimes I’m hard to find like downtown parkin spaces
I’ma be old and grey and still flirtatious
Remove my shoes for foot races, primitive man ate fish
But MC’s are the latest on my dish mentally spacious
You didn’t create this so you, naturally hate this
Wait Miss, do you like what you see? How do you rate this?
Relax I’m not a rapist just, one of the greatest
Born winner hair full of basses opposite of weightless
Mastered the art of holdin bottles double-fisted
X.O Hennesey fifth, unassisted
We not promotin drinkin, we just havin some fun
Fuck it, we drink in Appleton and Nantucket
Mashin down Van Nuys, puffin stress in the bucket
Ghetto hip-hop for the public, you love it
At Lovitz, you love the Alkaholik wino
Pissin off the strippers up in the spearmint rhinos

{*group laughter*}
You like that? A like da da-da

[Chorus] – 1.5X

Okay, here we go, original, liquor sto’ flow
Ghetto non-mellow pissy drunk alkapella yo’
average, everyday around the hood fellows
Though we always bring the ruckus we some wild motherfuckers
Niggaz call me CPR – I help rap music breathe
with beats and rhymes you wouldn’t believe
What I did is that you couldn’t conceive
with a ho on each sleeve with a crew of niggaz rollin on D’s
It’s them Alkaholik niggaz flowin with the toilet niggaz
Party-crashin raid-thrashin beer-smashin brolic niggaz
Peers drinkin irrational thinkin don’t give a fuck about nuttin
Blame it on the alcohol consumption
Yeah we overdid it, I had to admit it
It’s Tha Likwid, we underground rap music’s prime ticket
Sick wid it, E-Swift be quick with it
Everytime I spit it forget it, y’all need to quit it
(Sing it!)


{*ad libs of Chorus*} {*ad libs to fade*}

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