Da Bullshit

That’s that bullshit
Ic-Don motherfucker
Da bullshit
Funk Doc motherfucker
Push whips motherfucker
Na, na chill out who got the weed in this motherfucker yo?
Brick City, Jersey, I got the weed homie…
Na, na, na chill, chill, chill, na, na chill nigga, where the weed at?
It’s Da bullshit, bullshit
PPP nigga
Yo where the weed at fellas? What you lightin?

Yo, yo, you motherfuckers gon’ learn
When it come to this shit, I aint about takin turns
Cuz Doc’s in the place
The cold nigga, I’m too late to thaw
Doc unfold niggas til they ribs is raw
Whether you up the ball or ride the bitch
My pens write with a vengeance and Viagra in
Stay hard like the biceps when it’s stacked
I’m gritty, I wouldn’t love in a tennis match
I don’t like to sign autographs half the time
I scribble my name and draw a jackass design
Calvin Kleins spalled on the floor
You just got, dogged on the tour, so, send some new whores HO
I got a food table to warm, a new neighbor to warn
And people at the label I’m on
Crunch time, what you think the forty-four is for
When I grub I want the whole smorgasboard
Gotta clean my act up and, get my thoughts straight
Stop smashin the five and appear in the court dates
I won’t ride the bike unless it’s C B R
Wit no tricks but a bitch it’ll be on next
I’m still wheel handlin, you die in a ambulance
Block prime scramblin, glock nine handlin
Duckin the flows of mind travelin
You heard it before, you aint Sunshine Anderson
Got a bomb plantin and I’m ready fo’ mo’
Bitches gettin in my party givin head at the do’
All my niggas and my shorty’s and get high in the audience
I carry a gaudy gun, you’ll die in the audience

That’s the bullshit, the bullshit (We are that bullshit)
We walk up in the club we on the bullshit
That’s the bullshit, the bullshit (We are that bullshit)
Fondlin your bitch ass off the bullshit
That’s the bullshit, the bullshit (We are that bullshit)
Brick City, Brook-non off the bullshit
That’s the bullshit, that’s the bullshit (We are that bullshit)
That’s the- nah, nah, nah, nah, chill nigga, that’s the bullshit

Yo, I put the pressure on a man without a gun in my hand
His limpin lenny turn around and then I pump from the pants
One nine in each arm, I get hot as I squeeze from it
Now he’s a cheap ornament, died in a street tournament
Peep the clues, not deep wit dudes
My Benz don’t carry shoes cuz I’m cheap as Jews
But I let off this cannon bet your fleet would move
After that I tell you and what the beat to do
Fuck the Visine, duck when I lean out the window
Wit a shottie wit me and myself and Irene and my team
Fuck your mainstream dry off feet
I’m explosive as Simon in Die Hard 3
Now you wavin six flags like you at GA
Cuz my gun on standby like a flight delay
Sprayin water on all those whoever’s hot
Take they mic, take they jewels, then them Bezell, Doc…

Stop Ic-Don, get gone, nigga I’m here
Sippin a beer, 5th with the clip in the rear
That’ll lift him off his feet, make him flip in the air
I pull big guns out, like I’m hittin a deer
You don’t really know when trouble come
When you open your door and somebody in yo house chewin bubble gum
With double guns, cocked in each hand
Nigga you about to be buried in beach sand
I don’t care if you broke or not
I don’t care if you sell weed, dope, coke or not
Nigga I still smoke the glock
Give your face polka dots, y’all better hope I stop
Man doom, I kidnap a classroom
Hide ’em in the left wing of my bathroom
Do you think you could survive all that we bring ya
Bullets, comin at ya just as long as your finger
And every, morning I linger on the corner just drinkin
Borin and thinkin, how I’m bout to score with this ink pen
You better hope we blow on this rappin shit
You don’t want us to go under the mattresses
Shorty lookin at me funny like I don’t get bank
My house is hot bitch, I swim in my fish tank
Every car got a bar, the whole clique drink
I’m a dirty nigga, nuts sweaty, dick stink
After we fuck, I’m takin you to S and D’s
That’s a lie bitch I am on ecstasy
I won’t remember none of this when the X in me
So if you want sex for free, check for me, Ic-Don…

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