Bridge Of Death

Slowly crossing as the river runs below
Never stopping for what’s waiting soon will show
And this the last time looking back I’ll see
My home for he awaits me reaching for my soul.
He calls my name, and waves me on
The fallen one he stands in flame

Well the life that he has given full of riches
And sucess has a price that I made good in
Blood to pay. And the light he now is showing
To guide my every footstep is insurance if
I falter on my way. And what God has now
Forsaken and man has never seen are the
Riches of the underworld below all my
Years of earthly pleasures gave support
Unto the bridge I now cross it giving
Him my soul

Dark Lord, I summon thee demanding the
Sacred right to burn in hell, ride up on hells hot wind.
Face one more evil than thou, take my lustful soul,
Drink my blood as I drink yours, impale me on the horns of death
Cut off my head release all my evil Lucifer is king
Praise Satan

I know the one who waits
Satan is his name,
across the bridge of death there he stands in flame
I know the one who waits
Satan Is his name
across the bridge of death there he stands in flame.

He is my provider as I walk into the
Void for eternity I give him my soul
I shall do his bidding obey him
Without question even walk among the living if
I’m told

Satan don’t forsake me I wait for
You to take me grant me wings and as
Your messenger I’ll fly

Posted in Manowar.