Born To Reign

I believe in God
I believe in Destiny
Not Destiny in the sense of all of our Exerts being pre-determined
But Destiny in the Sense of our ability to choose
Our ability to choose who we are and who we are supposed to be

Yo Yo YoYo

I was Born to reign
Point Blank
My name to be ecthed in stone
My destiny Pre-ordaned
Tryin to live richteous
fightin for life, tis my life
that’s why I liked on my vices
Tightnin the vices of truth on the roofless
This is rhyme and the crime and their minds is just useless
The path of the poison, the genesis of the genisi
YOu and your boyz tryin to decide, what to write
but your hand is a sword and the blade has been forged
young minds gettin gorged Stakes have been altered
by lick or by weed and then hate gets exaltered
as art falls to greed, Choices is Made that’s the voices is laid
on the track, contract, the soldier wage, did you see his new benz,
but your like a syringe now proud of your binge.

Got a lot of new friends, got a lot of new ends
bought a house up in the hills frontin shouts to the pen
givin false accounts of your account’s amounts
amounts the fans treason stands to reason since your inception
laced with deception and bred with false affection it must perish
From the Terrace I see the fire burnin the streets but I won’t shield my eyes to the heat
Born to reign


I was Born to reign


I was Born to Reign

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