Another Woman in Love

Nothing’s worse than redundancy
How true, how true
But I keep thinking the same old thoughts
When I’m with you
This has gone way past affection
It’s my favorite direction
She’s right there in my reflection
I’m another woman in love

My horoscope gave the go-ahead
I know…you knew
And here’s the proof that I’m looking for
The sky is blue
You can tell that I’m selective
And your smile is so effective
Welcome to my retrospective,
Another woman in love

Your touch is fire
So, break the ice
Once is all it takes, I know
But twice is twice as nice

So, why don’t we be adventurous?
Take off your shoes
I’ll teach you all the French I know…
If there’s any apprehension,
You are first in my attention
Or at least an honorable mention
Another woman
Another woman
I’m another woman in love

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