"Don’t worry about" "Big money" "Can you dig it?" "Amazing" (x4)

Verse 1:
Well don’t you know what time again for the big shot (BIG SHOT) Doogie
Ready or not hit the buddah spot (BUDDAH SPOT)
Time to get the cash (TIME TO GET THE HONEY)
Time to get cash (TIME TO GET THE MONEY)
Check it I got the nack to put the groove in your back
Squeeze a rhyme like a pistol cause I’m smooth as Harvey Grisco
I come clean with more protein and overtein
The way I heat shit up you think my jaws was dipped in gasoline
Whoa now that’s a fire
Puba got the hi-tech shit while other MC’s come cheap like propiya
So let’s get down to the situation
Smooth like a Temptation Puba makes it good like penetration
That’s how it’s suppose to be
No question so don’t you put a rush on me
I’m not a rookie I’m a pro you see my flow
Give me the doe you better ask somebody if ya don’t know


Verse 2:
Dig it, see I like to know where you got the notion
Said I like to know where you got the notion
Dig this, my beats kick you in the head like a Timbaland
Me and my crew stay tight like the X-men
I gets mean and then I turns into the Wolverine
Then I grab the mic and blow the spot to smithereens
I gets down for the money honey I got the style tha’ts real
What’s why brothers chew my shit up like Gummy Bears
It’s the New York shocker representin’ like a Knickerbocker
Watch me get it cookin’ like Betty Crocker
I’ll make you trip like I’m indo smoke
Cause I’m down right nasty like Diet Coke
See I ain’t no joke cause I got mad style wicked and wild
Mama’s second child throwin’ rappers to the pile
Games point blank call me Shabba cause I Rank
Don’t run around with toast cause my people on a tank
Clown won’t get me cause I’m God body
Moses asked me how to part the Red Sea
Trippin’ MC’s up like astroturf
Puttin’ wack MC’s outta buisness like Woolworth
I’m a tell you straight off the god damn press
I’m a handle my buisness right
Boy I ain’t come here for no foolishness
I hit the set then I jet
Can’t trust a girl who couldn’t standin’ up tryin’ to get a whole lot of
niggas wet
Because I con ya (Khan) like Chaka hit ya like a blocker
Me and rhymes connect like walls and magic markers
It’s Grand Puba for the membrain
Wiping borthers off the map so leavin’ shit stains
That’s how I feel cause I always keep my shit on the Reel to Reel
Makin’ niggas happy like a kid with a happy meal

So ah what you need to do is do a little dance
Yeah smoke a little bud say what?
Get down tonight uptown get down tonight dig it yo
We gonna do a little dance do a little dance
Some a little bud smoke a little bud
Get down tonight uptown downtown get down tonight yeah
Niggas hold tight uptown situation like always youknowhatI’msayin?
All day, mash ya, one time. Doogie love , hold tight nigga.

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