All Out

we goin all out (all out)
we goin all out (iite)
we goin all out, watch yo moufuckin mouth niggas
thats right, fuck them fag niggas pa, do it, do it, do it

Come hell or high water
Down to slow our approaches
just anutha lost soul, stuck callin Jahovah
Outlaw till its ova
Brand as my strap
Back like a cobra
I stay drunk cuz i’m a mad man
Wheneva sober, on a one man mission
my ambition to hold up the rap game
While I pluck holes in niggas like donuts
And still, down to die for all my souljas
like hillbillies, they dont fear me
So refuse, bring war to tha city
Wit each breath, death before dishona
Neva let u swallow me, no apologies, ya hona
A general in war, I’m the first to bomb
Wit a squad, of trusted killas, quick to move shit
Heavily armed
I’m similar to Sadan, sometimes I question whos sain
Like friends frantic for that last vein, stuck in the game
I hit the scene like sandstorms, then transform, watch me
I take tha figga of dirty niggas, who all got me
While bitches is wonderin who shot me
no love, keep a grudge, shootin slugs like Muammar Quadaffi
Murder my friends, build a new posse
we takin shots at paparazzi, go and fly now, nigga like rocky
you got alot of nerve ta play me
Anutha gay rappa, bussin caps at Jay Z(buck, buck, buck, buck, buck)
And still avoid capture
While yall cought, caught up in tha rapture
Still afta me, I’m in Jamaica sippin Daqueries
No doubt
We used ta have nuthin, then grabbin sumthin and bustin
wanted ta be tha thug- nigga, that my old man wasnt
I came to a fiend, catchin cases, litigation
niggaz playa hatin, got me crooked in all 50 states
I’m screamin DEATH ROW, throwin westside, aint no thang
we was raised off drive by’s, brought up ta bang
We claim mob, M.O.B., if you be specific
we control all cash, from Atlantic-Pacific
And get this, i’m hard to kill, when I peel wit this live spot
Fatha, how da hell did i survive dese 5 shots
live it up, or give it up, and like demons
Late night, hear em screamin
We goin all out!

we goin all out, bomb first till they fall out
Take them the war route, witout a doubt
Ball, which means we all ryde if its on
Each nigga handle ya own, bring it on strong
If you got bills ta pay, nigga go all out
bustas playin wit yo peeps, betta go all out
Try’na see tha next day, nigga go all out
Obstacles in ya way, u betta go all out

I’m on my land sled, walkin through tha belly of tha beats
Feelin, like I’m all out, drunk as can be
its plain ta see, that we mobb niggas hidin in bushes
Claimin that they ryde rough, but they soft as they cushion
They softer than bitches in the worst way, drownin in blood
Outlaws, my blood bruthas, I’d die fo these thugs
Say hi to this slug, it’s a shame how some niggas on the westcoast
Was rydin wit Pac, but when he died, they went pop
I’m on the Jers to the fullest, like sum westcoast love
But afta Pac stopped rappin, it aint no westcoast thug
just westcoast wut? to my real niggas stuck in da street game
Cause rappers like Jay Z, be pumpin Kool-Aid through they veins
Is it tru wut I’m sayin?
Slap your soft ass to da floor
And watch my fo fo, put peek holes through ur door
I ryde or dye, but dese otha fag niggaz be bitin dis
It’s all from my heart when I was writin dis
All out
Now, we all ride, and down to die who wit’ us
Speak up, or get treated like you comin’ to kill us
Ain’t nothin but sqeallers, in this rap game, swearin’ they rough
Tattooed up, and now them niggaz swearin’ they Pac
Stop that, and whatch ya back, we ain’t forgot ’bout cha
These glocks hot, and when shot, it’ll bring the bitch up out cha
It’s me, Kastro with the goattee
Walkin’ like a OG, cause all these fag muthafuckas

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