A Little of This

(Let’s do it) Yeah (yeah) get down situation get down no doubt 95. (We’re
talkin’ 2000) How we represent. Come a kick it with

A little of this and a little of that (and a little of that) (x4)

Verse 1:
Check it I get the gumtions to make your conjuction function
So honey get it straight or be on your roller blades and skate
My style switch fast like a rash then it get you itchin’
My flow is crisp like a bucket full of Cornnels chicken
I mold the beat like pottery lyrics flow like blood through the artery
With more rhymes then numbers at the lottery
You know my stello have my doe and watch me drop a flow
I wax shit up and make it shine like I was Mop & Glow
So come on baby love let’s put it on no fakin’ moves
Let’s flip on it heads I win and tails you lose
Grand Puba comes with alladat
Because I got more game then quarters in the laundry mat
Uh we keep it tight the way it’s suppose to be
While jealous snakes say damn mon you should of swallowed me
No doubt cause we hit ’em with…


Verse 2:
Dig it I got to be one of the baddest brothers on the planet
I’m baggin’ honies and they all got bodies just like Janet
I play it save never takin’ chickenheads for granded
I’m Superman and Lois takes my rhymes to Daily Planet
I got more promise then timers who makes ? muffins
I do more stickin’ in chicken then Stove Top Stuffing
No doubt about it hun I hit from here to China
When I drop the D minor watch me soggy your vagina
Grand Puba, Stud Doogie droppin’ clonkite
Prefer the chocolate like the outside of a Klondike
That’s how it go and tha’ts the way it’s designed
So you can Stoke Me Down I don’t mind
We keep it tight and that’s the way it’s suppose to be
While jealous snakes say damn mon you should of swallowed me


You gotta be that shit (take your time young man). The way it’s designed to
ease your mind in the 95 flavor. No doubt no questions aked cause we
fulfill that task. We keep it real like Jill youknowhatI’msayin’? We gonna
move it on for the year 2000. Big up all you New York City style squads in
it to the fullest.
Live your life (x6)
No doubt that’s what we talking about. (C’mon and just get down) (With
Grand Puba and Stud Doogie just get down) (x4) (Big Jeff in the hosue the
Neyru in the house and the K to the I to the D is in the house. 2000. 2000

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