93 Page 38 English Textbook Level One

English Textbook Level One: (Textbook)

Page: 37 – Caring and Sharing – Read the story, and ask the students what they wrote in their textbooks as to how they can care, share and help others.




English Textbook Level One: (Pictures & Textbook)

Page: 38 – Looking For Alice


Sofa – (has cushions / seat cushions)

On the sofa

Baby bottle


Baby rattle

Pacifier – (Baby Nipple / NUK)


Bed – (has pillow(s))

Under the bed


Note:  Discuss the sentences, pictures and ask the students what they can see in each picture.

*** Ask each of the students to describe the positions of people and objects in the classroom.


Focus Word(s): On, In, Behind, Beside, Under (These words tell us where people and things are)


Ask the students to open and write down the new words in their textbook, as they are taught.

Sentence Structure and Grammar Comprehension should be considered during the lesson.

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