91 Page 35 – 36 English Textbook Level One

English Textbook Level One: (Pictures & Textbook)

Page: 35 – 36 Beginning Sounds F, K and P.


Fat Fish Peach – Peaches
Jump Out Of The Sea Fire
Dish – Dishes Picture – Pictures
Zoo Keeper – (Keeper) Fingers
Key – Keys – (Key Ring, Key Rings) Penguin
Kangaroo Koala
Funny Animals
Purple Grapes


Note:  Discuss the poem and illustrations. When FUNNY ANIMALS picture is shown during review, ask a student or two to come to the front of the class and do something funny.



                English Textbook Level One: (Textbook)

Page: 35 – 36 Beginning Sounds F, K and P.


1. Fire 4. Fingers
2. Kangaroo 5. Penguin
3. Picture 6. Koala


*** Students should provide 5-10 words that Begin with Letter F, K and P, could be words that begin with Capital or Lowercase F,K and P.

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