57 Page 13 Reading Rainbow Level One



Reading Rainbow Level One – Page 12 – Getting Ready



Shoes (Sneakers)

Shirt (T-Shirt)

Cap (Hat)

Ball (Baseball)




Additional Words:

Belt: belt – [belt] – /bɛlt/

A band of flexible material, as leather or cord, for encircling the waist.

Carpet:  car·pet – [kahr-pit] – /ˈkɑr pɪt/

A heavy fabric, commonly of wool or nylon, for covering floors.



                FOCUS WORDS below and explain why they should use these specific words instead.


Focus Words:

Sneaker, T-Shirt, Cap, Baseball, Belt, Carpet



Sneakers are shoes, T-Shirt is a shirt, Cap is a hat, Baseball is a ball, etc

Example: cat, dog, bird are animals.


Reading Rainbow Level One Page 12: Getting Ready (Story)

Pants, Socks, Shoes, Shirt, Cap, Ball, Bat, Dad

Ask if the students can see belt, carpet, sneakers, baseball, t-shirt, etc.

What can the students see in the pictures?


Word of the day: Pretend – pre·tend – [pri-tend] – /prɪˈtɛnd/

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