49 Page 18-19 – English Textbook Level One

Teach:  Reading Rainbow Level One: Page: 9 – Family Pictures (Story Only)


This is my mom. – (Woman with child/ren)

This is my dad. – (Man with child/ren)

This is my brother. – (Boy/Man)

This is my sister. – (Girl/Woman)

This is my grandma.

This is my cat.

This is my bear. – (Toy Bear = Teddy Bear)

This is my family!


Family: fam·i·ly – [fam-uh-lee, fam-lee] – /ˈfæm ə li, ˈfæm li/ – Noun, Plural Fam·i·lies

A basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group,             whether dwelling together or not: The traditional family.


Teach:  Reading Rainbow Level One: Page: 10 – Flying (Story Only)


I can see a train. – (Smoke)

I can see a duck. – (Rubber Duckie)

I can see a doll. – (Boy / Girl Toy = Doll)

I can see a horse. – (Rocking Horse)

I can see a pig. – (Piggy Bank)

I can see a bunny. – (Bunny is a Small/Little Rabbit)

I can see a car.

I can see a party. – (Balloons, Cake)


Word of the day: Pair – pair – [pair] – /pɛər/

Explain in detail what pair is, and examples such as pair of shoes, boys, girls.

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